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CleanMyMac X: An In-Depth Review From a Programmer

macpaw customer service

I wish I had CleanMyMac then so I could clear it under 1 second. I don’t keep sync photos to my Macs, so I can’t comment on

the usefulness of Photo Junk option. I found the iTunes section quite useful. If you back up your

iPhone on your Mac (like I do), you can see a lit of backups here and delete

old snapshots in order to save space. However, be careful not to delete the

latest backups – you never know when you may need them.

macpaw customer service

Companies can ask for reviews via automatic invitations. Labeled Verified, they’re about genuine experiences.Learn more about other kinds of reviews. I am a long-time user of CleanMy Mac, and recently, an issue developed. I contacted Customer Support, and the representative was extremely attentive to the issue and provided timely support, which eventually corrected the issue. One of the things I use to judge how good the company is, by observing how they process refunds. If you like to keep your Mac clean and tidy, but don’t know

about macOS internals, then CleanMyMac is a tool.

Quick professional response

I experienced a double charge and they promptly removed one of the charges. I have used Clean My Mac X for a number of years on multiple Macs. It does an excellent job of keeping my machines OS working in top condition.

Wrote an email and was referred to the chatbot who was helpful. We’re really pleased with the product. Running scans for malware, cleaning old files, etc is super easy. It’s worth the $ and the peace of mind.

I saw their ad and tried their service. I was blown away at how FAST it sped up my laptop. I was banging my head against the wall and MacPaw has completely cured all of the frustration from my MacBook. Go on reading this article if you own a license activation number. Otherwise, switch to this page to learn more about MacPaw Account.

The easiest way to start it by using Launchpad. It is safe to download CleanMyMac from the MacPaw web site. I wrote a whole article on how I tested the app for malware. But the thing is, I hate when people throw opinions about

something without proof. The only evidence I recognized when it comes to the

software is testing. I am a software engineer, after all, and I know how to


Excellent Customer Service

I thought it would be way harder than it was to get to a solution, but they did and with courtesy and professionalism. Suggested companies are based on people’s browsing tendencies. Had a problem with the software most likely caused by myself, I contacted MacPaw support. They were more than helpful and I received great support. Great communication, Very fast follow up.

macpaw customer service

Here you can find out the status of your subscription, update payment method, or cancel your subscription.

You just have to know how to

use it, and I hope I was able to give some high-level overview. When I called, I expected to waste at least 5 minutes

navigating the menu in order to get to the customer representative. I was immediately connected with a support person. Finally, last and definitely not least is a large files

section. I think this option should go first because this will give the biggest

bang for the buck when you need more space on the disk.

CleanMyMac X is a Mac optimization software that helps to free up storage space and improve performance by scanning for and removing junk files and system clutter. It comes with x+ features, mostly related to cleaning disk and memory, but also quite useful diagnostics features. We’re sorry to hear about your experience, but we must clarify that the information provided is inaccurate. Please feel free to reach out to us directly, and we’ll do our best to assist you. As someone not adept with technology, I acknowledge my errors with computer software. ​MacPaw Support swiftly guided me to resolve this, and I am immensely grateful for their consistent assistance and superior product quality.

  • Open the folder from Sidebar, find the app and double click to start.
  • It is doable from Mac Settings, but it’s a pain in a neck because you have to delete each network one by one.
  • Again, the menu for the Maintenance option is different for

    Mojave and Catalina versions.

Faizan was great during the entire process. You can foun additiona information about ai customer service and artificial intelligence and NLP. I had difficulty running a scan after updating my computer. I contacted MacPaw Customer Support and got immediate attention. They walked me through the process of trying to determine the problem and a fix was eventually found. They stayed with me all the time, over three days, until the solution was found. THIS is the very definition of great support!.

Recently I was invited to join MacPaw affiliate program because in one my posts I mentioned CleanMyMac X as a tool that can be used to free up a disk. Like many of you, I’ve seen people mentioning the tool on many forums. Reviews ranged highly negative to super positive. If you are ready to go from trial to paid version, you can

do it either online or from the app (it still opens a browser). On MacPaw web

site, provide credit card or PayPal information and get the license code. This is the first time I hear from the company to

disable one of their services, so my computer runs faster.

No good way to cancel your subscription

In the end, these did not resolve the problem. But they and the tech team stayed with the issue, finally suggesting a hypothesis relating to their transition to a new customer portal. They set up an account for me on that new portal, transferring over the time remaining on my subscription, closed my old account, and had me relink my license info to the new portal.

Great client service; fast response, great knowledge and very helpful. Fantastic products and the support to back them. It goes against our guidelines to offer incentives for reviews. We also ensure all reviews are published without moderation. I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for your assistance in resolving the complex adware issues on my MacPro. I am confident that I can rely on your continued support in the future.Thank you again for your outstanding service.

Ran the program, it solved the challenge right away. Fantastic programming and IT on the fly. macpaw customer service is excellent. They came back to me and checked on their side if their annual order went off three times – as it looked like on my side. They confirmed that it only went off once. Thank you MacPaw really appreciate your effort.

Get license subscription number

Their customer support is first-rate. I bought a new laptop and could not get MacPaw to work on it. I knew I had a paid subscription but could not figure it out.

But what about the files created in other folders? Unfortunately, they stay on your Mac forever. They used to be useful with old macOS versions, but they are not needed anymore.

MacPaw’s Setapp becomes one of the first to agree to Apple’s controversial DMA rules – TechCrunch

MacPaw’s Setapp becomes one of the first to agree to Apple’s controversial DMA rules.

Posted: Thu, 29 Feb 2024 08:00:00 GMT [source]

This is the main part of CleanMyMac X. It’s bread and butter, so to speak. From here, you can reclaim the most disk space, and that’s probably the main reason why you are reading this review. Cleanmymac app has a lot of features (15 main, and hundreds

of sub-features). With all this power at your fingertips, it’s important to

know which functions to use and which ones to avoid. If you wonder where CleanMyMac is located on your Mac, it’s in the Applications folder if you followed install directions.

Have been a MacPaw customer for many years. CleanMyMac is my main go to utility for my Macs. Besides the excellent software, MacPaws’ support is truly excellent. They are not staffed by lower level administrative types. My experience with their support team has always been being connected with actual technical people, be it engineers or the like. I always get a logical, efficient, and technically based answer.

Exceptional Customer Support Service

Their persistence, and unwillingness to “walk away” from the problem like most software companies, is really distinctive. I downloaded the software as I was having issues with RAM storage on my Mac. I contacted customer services to request a refund, as per their 30-day back guarantee and was ignored. Contacted several more times and never received any contact back. It is a complete waste of money and non-existent customer service. Please reach out to our support team, and we’ll ensure that your concerns are addressed promptly.

From here, you

can drill down to mailboxes (if you have multiple), and then to individual

attachment files. Sort by size, so the biggest ones appear at the top. If you

want to see the attachment, you can right-click (Control+Click) on the item and

either reveal in Finder or do a Quick Look (preferred). MacOS is supposed to rotate them periodically. Once in a

while, you may want to purge them.

You supposed to start scan here, but here is the problem. I will go over all the features and give you my opinion. In

my opinion, this part of the article is by far the most important. I’d even

suggest bookmarking the post, so you can come back if you have any questions on

how to use the app.

macpaw customer service

You can chat with an MacPaw agent on their live chat support page. Seriously, their targeted ad spoke directly to me. Im a MacBook guy and my laptops been running painfully slow.

But, in case you start seeing a spinning rainbow wheel, you can use CleanMyMac to quit bad apps (or use Command+Option+Esc). And you can also stop spinning wheel whithout loosing any work. I installed CleanMyMac on multiple Macs and found out that

apps for Catalina and Mojave are slightly different.

I was having a persistent problem with CleanMyMac crashing in the background overnight. MacPaw had seen this before, but with only a few customers, and they were trying to figure out the cause. The support team was responsive and helpful – they started by providing a number of potential solutions to try.

macpaw customer service

While I can do a decent painting job, it takes me 3-4 times more time to do the same thing as to someone who does it for a living. And since I can only work on remodeling in the evenings, it may take me two weeks to do what the full-time painter does in 8 hours. Now, when we have done with the technical review, let’s talk

money. I had some questions about the functionality, and the CS rep

was able to explain everything in plain English without technical jargon.

I had bought a new Mac and was unaware of the subscription I had because it was on my old Mac. I contacted support to cancel my subscription. Chat PG They were helpful throughout the process and even refunded me because my cancellation was within their allowed window.


I think is a good thing since most CleanMyMac users are non-technical people. In the Menu tab under Health and Monitoring, set the notifications

such as hung applications or low RAM. If you are getting too many pop-ups from

CleanMyMac, this is the area to turn them off. Alternatively, you can right-click on the large file, reveal

in Finder and delete from there. Extensions, as the name suggests, allows managing Safari

extensions and a number of other network plug-ins. I understand what to do with

Safari extensions, but I am not sure about other options.