For your better service, contact us by phone or email before.

01. Where are the exact location in Thessaloniki that I can get on board for a coastal cruise?

You can get on board from the A’ harbor pier of Thessaloniki port. (It’s located near Kitchen Bar). There is also a stand near the White Tower, where you can learn whatever you want/ need to know about Karavakia, and of course we can guide you with every detail, for the specific location!

02. Who can get our even more special price ticket?

The categories that can enjoy the privilege of a low price ticket are: children from 6 to 11 years old, people with special needs, university students and groups. Of course, kids till 5 get on board for free!

03. How long is the cruise?

The cruise lasts almost 50 minutes to arrive in Perea/ N. Epivates, and almost 1h and 20 minutes till we arrive to Agia Triada

04. How long before the scheduled time should I arrive on the boarding location?

You need to arrive in the port 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

05. Pets are allowed on board?

Pets are allowed in our Karavakia, since they are on their leash, for their own safety and in order to avoid any kind of accidents.

06. Can I take my bike with me on board?

Yes! Bikes are allowed from Monday till Friday!

07. Can people with special needs have easy access to our KARAVAKIA? Can they get on board with electric wheel chair or a simple wheel chair?

Yes!! Of course people with special needs can get on board and enjoy our cruise!! Agios Georgios Karavaki has all the comforts (special seats)!

08. Can pushchairs/ kid stroller get on board?

Of course strollers can get on board together with their little owners!

09. In case we are a group, should I contact to the manager of Agios Georgios Karavakia, before arriving on boarding location?

Yes! We can provide a remarkable service system, as long as you contact us earlier either by an email or by the numbers given on our website!

10. If any of our scheduled cruise is cancelled because of the bad weather, how can I find out about it?

We make announcements for any cancellation that will come up both in our website and our official facebook page!

12. Who and why can cancel the sea cruise?

Port Authorities happens to cancel a cruise only in case of bad weather conditions and the main reason is the safety of the passengers! So please show understanding in case that happens to your cruise!

13. In case of cancellation, how can I return from Perea to Neoi Epivates?

With public transportation, and especially by the bus! You can take the bus no72 from Perea/ Neoi Epivates/ Agia Triada. Then after you arrive at the station called IKEA you can take the bus available for your finale destination! (no2, no3 for the center of Thessaloniki for example!)